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  • What’s next in 2023.
    A lot more is coming. I want to funnel my time and resources into creating more short films, more photography concepts and more. I’m in full pre production for my next short film and I have other shorts on the way. I’ll update you all on here every few months, as I want to continueContinue reading “What’s next in 2023.”
  • 2022 – retrospective
    I said that when I was to take my hiatus that I would use it to put more time in my own creative projects and I want to show you what I have done in that time. GEORGE BUCKS – CLEANEST My first and long overdue photo shoot of 2022, creating with George is alwaysContinue reading “2022 – retrospective”
  • 10 of The Best Films I Have Seen in 2022
    Here’s part two of the best films list, it’s been a great experience and this is the conclusion of a whole year challenge. I hope you enjoy!
  • It’s been a while
    Earlier in the year, I wanted to go in a different direction for the blog, one which didn’t feel too exhausting. In 2021, I challenged myself during the multiple lockdowns and uncertainty in the world – to catch up on all the classic and contemporary films, which I usually miss out on and I haveContinue reading “It’s been a while”
  • Blog Update
    Hello all, I hope everyone is well It’s felt good to have a break, but I felt that in that time I’ve wanted to change my approach to how I have been watching films. Throughout lockdown I had the time to be more engrossed in films, I felt that in that time it helped meContinue reading “Blog Update”