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  • Blog Update
    Hello all, I hope everyone is well It’s felt good to have a break, but I felt that in that time I’ve wanted to change my approach to how I have been watching films. Throughout lockdown I had the time to be more engrossed in films, I felt that in that time it helped meContinue reading “Blog Update”
  • Blog Hiatus
    Hello all, I hope everyone is well Writing this blog has been such a blast, but recently I have noticed that the Film List is mainly dominating the blog, so I’m going to take a brief hiatus. I want to do this in order to pursue some other creative routes, like photography and filmmaking –Continue reading “Blog Hiatus”
  • 10 Films I Saw This March (Film List 2022)
    Three months down and my first cinema visit this year, I’ve missed out on a few releases this year, but I’m excited to have at least caught up on one – fingers crossed many more to come this year. The list has gone a little off the rails in terms of genre, but it has been nice to look further away from the norm to find different films or in this case, complete a film series.
  • 10 Films I Saw This February (Film List 2022)
    Two months in and it’s going well, this list has a couple of repeat directors, but it’s really nice to see how some filmmakers develop overtime. I hope you enjoy this months list.
  • 10 Films I Saw This January (Film List 2022)
    The final list of the year, for me it has been an incredible year of films, both in terms of what has been released this year, but also what I have managed to cross of my list. This is the last one of 2021, I hope you enjoy.