One of the recurring themes with my photography is to just explore, go places and trails that I haven’t been before. I do this because I want to react instinctively to what I see instead or react knowing that I have seen it before. For every roll of film, I shot on I set myself the same goal. I can’t leave until I have filled the roll of film.

The final roll that I shot as part of this series took me back to where my family are. It’s a place more in the country and gave me a new perspective, far from the city and the greyscale, which sometimes is prominent in London. The forest areas, which surround Henley like a bowl provided a chance to capture nature more naturally than the more artificially placed nature, which is more notable in London.

I would definitely recommend buying the Holga 120N Camera camera and the 120 film needed to use it, especially if you’re someone who wants to start using film. I got this film developed and Photofusion Brixton, who did a great job and would recommend for anyone based in South London.

Hope you like what I’ve shot!


Published by Adam Shafi

Here's my work, ranging from films to essays. Hope you enjoy it!

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