The first big taste of filmmaking that I ever got was making this film, during my last year of college, myself and my classmate Harry Newman wanted to leave on a high note. As both people who love cinema and appreciate when we see audacious and interestingly told stories. It took months to plan, produce and cast for the film – but we did it. It’s a filmmaking experience that I still look upon fondly even now.

Thanks to all of those who donated to the film

Directing by Adam Shafi & Harry Newman

Written by Harry Newman & Adam Shafi

Original Idea by Harry Newman

Art Direction by Thomas Morgan

Cinematography by Adam Shafi & Harry Newman

1st Assistant Director – Sam Levick

Production Manager – Sam Levick

Production Assistant – Sam Levick

Lighting by Adam Shafi & Harry Newman

Editing by Adam Shafi & Harry Newman

Graphics by Shad Mughal

Published by Adam Shafi

Here's my work, ranging from films to essays. Hope you enjoy it!

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