Golden Hour

Its been a while…

First of a new series, which I hope to keep up during what is now the third national lockdown. This is my first foray into colour film, which has been an extremely exciting experience that has re-ignited my desire to continue down the film path.

This roll of film was more of a freestyle compared to the more methodical pieces I have created during mid-2020. Taken in September – this was taken during an early Sunday morning, the sun had started to climb in the sky and I knew I had a moment to capture something, so I just took photos of my bedroom and my window – simple as can be.

I miss the sunlight and it’s had an effect on me during the lockdowns over winter. My mood drops through the winter and like many it’s hard to find that inspiration. This film has been sitting around since September, I could have had it developed at any time, but it got lost in the mix of work, life and other pressing matters. That lack of motivation to go out and just shoot freely has gone with the sun, which has made me forget about developing the film I have.

Unfortunately, I had a couple of other film rolls, but they didn’t come out so well, which I think is the most important thing about shooting on film. Sometimes things don’t go your way and just getting back on the horse is the best way to respond. I’m looking forward to shooting something soon, let’s hope the sun comes out again soon.

I would definitely recommend buying the Holga 120N Camera camera and the 120 film needed to use it, especially if you’re someone who wants to start using film. I used Lomography Colour Negative 100 120 film, I would highly recommend this film for the vivid colour, definition and accessibility. This time around my friend Jake Baldwin processed my film, he did an incredible job and you can follow him on Instagram @jake11517 .

Also in the coming days, I have a few more things to share!

I hope everyone has stayed safe, looked after one another and found new ways to connect with their creativity during this tough time.


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