Hello all,

Hope everyone is well and staying safe.

I have recently been experimenting more with my photography, from using analogue film to new techniques with digital. These photos are the culmination of the latter.

I’ve been wanting to break into portrait photography, so I turned my bedroom into a makeshift studio. Using diffusion that I use for curtains and putting my bed covering the window. I ordered gels and used some soft-boxes, which I have had buried downstairs for some time now. I ordered this stuff years ago, but never had the confidence or know how to use it effectively.

I got my younger brother to be my model, he didn’t do a bad job in all honesty. Maybe he has a future in this. I utilised the chiaroscuro technique a technique popularised by Da Vince, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. It’s an old artistic technique, which encourages the contrast of light and darkness to create an image that conveys dimension and mood. I used different gels to create different looks, but I love this technique, I’ve used it for my films as of recent and I think it creates such a compelling image, which can convey a mood so vividly.

Along with this, I had a slow shutter speed, which created this drag, which I think further conveys a fractured, out of body experience that the chiaroscuro technique promotes. I’m looking forward to perfecting this technique, but I want to continue in the same vein by taking more portraits, experimenting with light and dark. I want to use 35mm for the next shoot and create some incredible images. In any case, I hope you like the photos. Let me know what you think or better let me know what techniques you use.

I hope everyone has stayed safe, looked after one another and found new ways to connect with their creativity during this tough time.


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