George Bucks – Black and White

Hello all,

Hope everyone is well and staying safe.

I got the chance to photograph my friend George Buckett – a local musician, designer and all-around artist. He doesn’t like to limit himself to one discipline and applies his creative talents to pretty much anything he decides. Being around him is always a great experience – as it always leads to interesting conversations and always feels like an enriching experience. You can find him at and on his Spotify page George Bucks. Check out his work – it’s an elective array of all disciplines with his personality at the forefront.

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally made my first foray into studio photography. It was nice to finally get to be around people and being present in a moment. Being creative in person with others has been so rare, so I really enjoyed this. This is the first part of the studio shoot with George. For this, I used to black and white 35mm film. More details about what I used will be below the photos.

I used HP5 PLUS 120 – I really liked the results. This film is incredibly versatile and very easy to use – I’d highly recommend using this for portraits, landscapes and anything you can imagine. It gave softness and depth in the frame – I think that it also made the subject come across as more tender and more aggressive in different shots.

I would highly recommend HP5 PLUS 120 for its versatility and accessibility definition and accessibility. This time around, Jake Baldwin scanned the film. He did an incredible job and you can follow him on Instagram @jake11517.

As things open up again, I hope people are seeing one another and making up for the lost time. Stay safe, be present, enjoy what you love.


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