Yashica D – Studio Shots

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the new found freedom (how ever long it lasts).

After using the rest of my Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO 120mm I finally ordered some Kodak Portra 400 120. I have seen so many breathtaking results – revered as one of the best amongst film enthusiasts and I wanted to see if it would live up to the acclaim.

I have become more comfortable with the Yashica – D and I love its quirks and the mechanical nature of the camera and it has a certain weight and feel when you load the film and cock the shutter.

I have experimented with it previously during the pandemic, but I converted my bedroom into a studio. I have taken a lot of landscape/nature directed photography and because it was difficult to travel to new places during the pandemic I felt like my voice maybe stagnated. I created the studio to alleviate that and I feel like I have has fun practising lighting setups that give more creative results and I feel like I have a lot more in more arsenal now because of it.

I liked the way that they turned out, I understand why the Kodak film is so revered now – it’s incredible to use and it the colour depth is also amazing, using it with the Yashica was such a great experience and I can’t wait to use the combo again very soon.

Overall I like the Yashica-D – I can’t wait to use it in the future as I try and transition into a more portrait stance. I like the glass, as I think it creates such a soft yet detailed picture, which I can’t wait to lean into with future projects.

For a camera I bought off eBay, it has achieved so much more than I thought it would, I really enjoyed using it and I can’t wait to keep using it in the future, I used Kodak Portra 400 120 and I really loved the results. I hope to use the camera for more portrait directed work soon. I would highly recommend this film for the vivid colour, definition and accessibility. Jake Baldwin processed my film and as always he did an incredible job and you can follow him on Instagram @jake11517.

Be present, enjoy things that you like.


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