Megan – Black & White

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well

After using Kodak Portra 400 120, I wanted to go back to HP5 PLUS 35MM and start looking at what B&W brings. I returned back to my Canon and these are the results.

I have moved more into portraiture and I hope I can stay within this lane as I progress artistically. I have used my bedroom as a make-shift studio. I feel like I have had fun practicing lighting setups that give more creative results and I feel like I have a lot more in my arsenal now because of it.

I really loved the way that they turned out, what I love about the HP5 PLUS 35MM film is the contrast, depth and range it has. I love the grain structure as it presents a really clear defined image, while still retaining the characteristics of film, which makes it such a joy to use.

I still have a couple HP5 PLUS 35MM rolls still to use and I would recommend using them to, I have previously used them for my shoot with George Bucks and I loved the results then, it can be easy to be sucked into using Portra and colour film, but B&W gives such a nice result and contrast, which I feel like can be a decider in which one I prefer to use for portraits.

I’m excited to see what is next as I move into different aspects of portraiture. I will keep you all updated.

Be present, enjoy things that you like.


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