Pentacon F2.8 29mm – First 35mm Roll

Hello all,

Hope everyone is well and staying safe.

I recently added a new lens to my collection. I looked at the range of lenses I had and noticed that I missed something in the 25mm – 30mm range. I wanted to see what I could find to fill this gap. I looked on eBay and found the Pentacon F2.8 29mm – it’s a cheap, vintage lens. I did my research on the characteristics of the lens, which prompted me to order it and below are the results.

The above are my favourites, some of the other ones below are also really nice as well. I need to get more used to the lens in the future. I want to start using it for portraits, I like wide lenses close to a subject and how it morphs around the glass.

For a camera and lens I bought off eBay, it has achieved so much more than I thought it would – I enjoyed using it and I can’t wait to keep using it in the future. I used Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35mm for this post and I like the result it gives. It captures blues well and it’s also a very versatile film, which is also really reliable and accessible.

I would highly  Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35mm recommend this film for the vivid colour, definition and accessibility. This time I sent off the film to another developer because at the time I thought it would be quicker – it was anything but. My friend Jake Baldwin scanned the film this time and rescued a lot of the image, he did an incredible job and you can follow him on Instagram @jake11517.

Because of this, I started to use Adobe Lightroom – a comprehensive software that can help bring out a more controlled look. All of the above images have been edited to bring the colours out. Usually, I wouldn’t have to because Jake always did an amazing job, but at least I got the chance to use Lightroom and I’ll add that tool to my skillset moving forward.

As things open up again, I hope people are seeing one another and making up for the lost time. Stay safe, be present, enjoy what you love.


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