What’s next in 2023.

A lot more is coming.

I want to funnel my time and resources into creating more short films, more photography concepts and more. I’m in full pre production for my next short film and I have other shorts on the way.

I’ll update you all on here every few months, as I want to continue to post here, because I really love doing this, but I need to structure it around myself in a new way that will fit my creative process.

I’ve started to invest in myself more and to come to that realisation was massive, I was hedging my bets trying to get more professional work, but unfortunately it won’t get me where I want and I would have to sacrifice a lot to find out that the outcome would be the same.

I’m not responsible for the world around me, but I am responsible for myself – regardless of success I want to be happy and to be my best self, which for me is to keep creating, executing my own creative plans and maybe, just maybe it won’t take me 18 months to edit a film.

Thank you all for reading my posts.

This isn’t the end, but just the start – I’ll see you all soon enough.

Merry Christmas to everyone,



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Here's my work, ranging from films to essays. Hope you enjoy it!

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